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Our Products

We have a track record of various goods such as upholstery goods and living goods. We will develop products according to customer's needs.


We handle a wide range of interior items that shining our living space such as entrance, kitchen, toilet, bath and living room.


  • Kitchen mat
  • Toilet mat
  • Lunch mat
  • Toy Box
  • Storage Box
  • Cushion Cover
  • Table cloth
  • Cushion cover
  • Goodwill
  • Potted cover


Interior Products Kitchen mat
Interior Products Lunch mat
Interior Products Cushion Cover
Interior Products Toilet mat
Interior Products Cushion cover

Household goods

We handle handy goods that you can use conveniently in everyday lifestyle such as commuting, school and shopping.


  • ID card case
  • Shopping bag
  • Multipurpose Pouch
  • Camera holder
  • Bicycle cart cover
  • Bicycle handle cover
  • Bankbook case
  • Cooling pouch
  • Lesson bag


Interior Products Multipurpose Pouch
Interior Products Shopping bag
Interior Products ID card case
Interior Products Camera holder
Interior Products Cooling pouch

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