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Privacy policy

Showa Film Corporation ("the Company") recognizes the importance of personal information and strives to ensure appropriate handling and protection based on the following guidelines. Upon using our website ("our site"), you agree to this Privacy Policy.

About personal information

"Personal information" refers to "personal information" as referred to in the Personal Information Protection Law, and information on living individuals, including the name, date of birth, address, telephone number, contact number and other information included in the information The information which can identify a specific individual by the description.

About the purpose of collecting personal information

In order to continue to provide better service when using this site, we collect personal information.
The range of personal information to be collected shall be the minimum necessary to achieve the purpose of collection, and in handling, we will comply with relevant laws and regulations concerning personal information protection, internal regulations and so on.

About the purpose of using personal information

  • (1) For reply to inquiries etc. and to inform us of confirmation.
  • (2) For contact necessary for estimate / meeting etc with business partners.
  • (3) To inform you of new services and new merchandise information.
  • (4) Recruitment recruitment for employment seekers For the purpose of contact selection.

About management and protection of personal information 

We will make optimum management of your personal information gathered by us and try to prevent unauthorized access, loss, tampering, leakage, etc. and ensure accurate information.

About copyright

The rights concerning all contents (hereafter collectively referred to as contents) such as texts, images, programs, logos, etc. published on this site belong to us or original authors.
It is not possible to use these contents beyond the range permitted by law such as private reproduction.
Copying, modifying, reprinting, selling, publishing, etc. without any permission of the original authors, copyright laws and other acts that touches the law are prohibited.

About change of terms of service

This agreement is subject to change without notice. In that case, we will post a modified version of this agreement here, so please check the latest content each time.
Although we are paying close attention to posting information on this site, regarding the accuracy, usefulness, certainty, safety (no danger of error / virus infection etc.) of the information, etc., It does not guarantee at all. Moreover, we are not responsible for any damage caused by using this site.

The information desk

For inquiries regarding this policy, please contact the following number.

Showa Film Corporation

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TEL 06-6226-1110
Tokyo branch
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