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Our strengths and features

We deal with a wide range of merchandise. As a result, each sales representative has abundant product knowledge, and has good proposal skills and information provision capabilities.

We can provide products one stop service to the seller and flexibly correspond to small lot, also correspond with short delivery time.

We are also challenging new fields such as trying our own products at the manufacturer position.

We are proactively working on the work-life balance.

Company Profile

Company name

Showa Film Corporation SHOWAFILM CO.,LTD


December 20, 1968


Representative Director, Chairman and President Yoshitoshi Hayashi


45 million yen

Annual sales

6,633.37 million yen (fiscal year ended March 31, 2020)

Number of employees

28 people


  • [Head office]
    2 - chome Imabashi, Chuo - ku, Osaka 3 - 16 MAP
    TEL 06-6226-1110
  • [Tokyo branch]
    3 - 2 - 8, Uchinjida, Chiyoda ku Tokyo MAP
    TEL 03-5295-7177

Business introduction

  • Purchase and sales of synthetic resin raw materials and their products
  • Import / export business of the above products
  • Sales of daily goods and import and export business
  • Sales and import / export business of medical plastic materials
  • Sales and import / export business of upholstery
  • Sales and import / export business of plastic processing machines
  • Any business incidental to the above


  • Mizuho Bank Yotsubashi
  • Mitsubishi UFJ Bank Shinano Bridge
  • Resona Bank Osaka Nishi-ku
  • Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation Osaka Nishi
  • Commerce and Industry Central Bank Osaka

Major shareholder

  • Osaka Small and Medium Enterprise Investment Training Co., Ltd.
  • Maruzen Pharmaceutical Industry Co., Ltd.
  • Shoko Tsusho Co., Ltd.
  • Board member and employee stock holding meeting

Board member

  • Representative Director, Chairman and President / Yoshitoshi Hayashi
  • Director / Tetsushi Oyama
  • Director / Norita Fujikura
  • Director / Ryoichi Yanagihara (Board Director of Maruzen Pharmaceutical Industry Co., Ltd.)
  • Auditor / Yasuaki Murakami ( General Manager of Shoko Tsusho Co., Ltd. Synthetic Resin Division, Synthetic Resin Division)

Group company

  • Unido Pack Co., Ltd.
    Kagawa Prefecture Naka Daga-gun Maninobu Town Coal Store No. 800 TEL 0877-56-9330 FAX 0877-56-9355


  • December 1968

    Established through the investment of Showa Denko Co., and Maruzen Pharmaceutical Industry Co., Ltd. for the purpose of selling olefin raw materials and their products.

  • May 1971

    Tokyo office Opened.

  • May 1980

    Promoted Tokyo office to Tokyo branch.

  • November 1985

    Headquarters moved to Nishi-machi,
    Nishi-ku, Osaka-shi.

  • August 1995

    Tokyo branch moved to Hamamatsucho, Minato-ku, Tokyo.

  • September 2013

    Head office and Tokyo branch moved to current location.

  • October 2018

    100% acquisition of Unidpakku corporation stock

As of November 2018