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Message from Representative

Performing proudly with seriousness leads to good results for both companies and individuals.

Our company was established after Showa Denko KK and Maruzen Pharmaceutical Industry Co., Ltd. 's equity investment in Showa 43, and the business has been honored by the practitioners.Due to the circumstances of such establishment inevitably the Company is not an “owner company”.Therefore, what kind of management should be done by SMEs that is our eternal task. What I believe us that companies have responsibilities and obligations to fulfill various stakeholders, and companies must continue to develop in order to fulfill their responsibilities and obligations. I also believe that the greatest ability to continuously develop the company and fulfill its responsibilities and obligations to stakeholders is only the employees belonging to the organization.

Employees achieve results, and the company responds, If this relationship is the perfect relationship then, the company will continues to develop, the lives of our employees are full and we think that it is happiest result for both companies and employees.If you think about what you should do and how to do it, and what you should do, seriously then the company will definitely grow and you will get good results for yourself as well.

From now on, we will work together to achieve better life, and I would appreciate all happiness that we created.

Representative Director, Chairman and President
Yoshitoshi Hayashi