Thank you for your business. We just celebrated our 50t anniversary.

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Business of Showa Film

Showa Film mainly sells synthetic resin raw materials and produces interior goods. We deal not only with a wide range of commodity materials but also in accordance with customer's needs such as sundries goods that are closely related to our lives.

Chemical products
Chemical Products

We handle a wide range of merchandise materials from raw materials and films to processed products tailored to customer's needs.

Building materials
Building Material

We deal with decorative sheets used for furniture, etc. and inkjet laminate sheets mainly used for public or media needs

Interior Products

There are results of various goods such as upholstery goods and living goods. We will develop products according to customer's needs.

Showa Film's Aim

50 year foundation and trust

Showa Film celebrated its 50th anniversary. We will continue to expand our business with experience and know-how cultivated in a long history.

Develop business globally

Based on the corporate vision of "a market development company that make a need visible" we will tackle global corporate development.